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RAMUS offers a range of recruitment activities and events. A career at RAMUS is a opportunity to explore your potential, continuous growth, and the joy of working on the latest technologies alongside the finest minds in the industry. Passion and integrity are the features of our everyday life at work. The joy of working on cutting-edge technologies and a sense of ownership of work, set in an environment of transparency, fun and fair play makes RAMUS one of the most desirable workplaces. At RAMUS, we draw on each others capacities and experiences, to inspire and motivate one another.
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We draw on each others capacities and experiences, to inspire and motivate one another.

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Current Open Positions

Job Description
What we expect from you:
  • Quick enough to spot a scoop, break a story and present it online in real time.
  • Write an article in your leisure, can it and present it for later.
  • Capable of writing a breaking story, an inspirational Journey, a deep Research piece and a Viral hit – do not worry, they need not be completed all in the same day.
  • Good grammar, spelling, and editing skills.
  • Deal with many different people in various lines of work and extract the information needed.
  • Some News/articles are time-sensitive and must be organized and able to work under time pressures.
  • Need good research skills and must also have good communication skills.
  • Must have the ability to listen, interpret, document and present what others are saying.
  • Must know how to write concisely.
  • Ready to pick up the phone or approach an intimidating figure to schedule an online meeting for an interview.

What we need from You:
  • Have at least 3 years experience as an online Journalist/Content Writer.
  • Understand various categories/beats for an entity to generate the required content.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Organized, self-motivated, and able to meet strict deadlines.
  • Knowledge on Student activities and related attributes.
About the Company:
  • We are a Startup. Yes after being employed for over a decade, we now got it right.
  • Our passion is to deliver Our Services would relate to Students and their Everything !
  • We have all the tools and techniques ready for you, All that is needed is to start delivering the Content.
If you feel you are a right fit for this position send us your profile and sample of your work. Oh forgot to mention… this is a telecommute job and it comes in all sizes (part time and full time)

Job Description
We are looking to hire an Editor for an upcoming Website/Portal for students in American Education Domain and their life in the United States. This is a leadership position that has a strategic role in building and overseeing all aspects of the website including recruiting contributors, scheduling, writing, editing, resourcing, and publishing. The role will have the freedom to curate and steer daily conversations on the website and ensure any and all content meets the highest standards of quality and integrity. Desired Characteristics:
  • Strong leadership skills and ability to creatively solve problems.
  • Experience managing and sourcing contributors
  • Exceptional eye for detail.
  • Excellent written and verbal communicator, with great interpersonal skills.
  • Must have flexibility to deal with rapidly changing, time-constrained schedules.
  • A positive, enthusiastic attitude and a sincere willingness to learn from and mentor team members at all levels.
  • Must exhibit a high degree of ownership and accountability. Strong analytical, editorial, project management and coordination skills.
  • Bachelor/ Master’s Degree in Journalism / Communications / New Media or other relevant areas.
  • 3-5 years of experience producing, editing, and distributing digital content.
  • Experience with content management/online publishing systems
  • Understanding of new media and emerging media systems and formats
  • Ability to edit other writers’ work for clarity, accuracy and fact check
  • Command of best practices on the web including social media platforms
  • Understands web and social analytics and how to interpret data
  • Leading the editorial process and giving direction to the team
  • Overseeing the team’s daily work flow and contributions from suggesting ideas for stories to publication
  • Research & Identify trends in website’s focus areas and create a plan to develop content in advance.
  • Planning and approving assignments for writers.
  • Proofreading and copy editing all content that will be published on the website
  • Identify customers’ needs and gaps in website’s content and recommend new topics
  • Ensure all-around consistency on the website (style, fonts, images and tone)
  • Work closely with Other Stakeholders on the strategic plan and actionable items.
To apply please email a short cover letter, resume and writing samples across various media to .